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Julie Vissers

Management Placement
Hotel Con Corazon
Granada, Nicaragua

"My first internship was in St. Lucia and the second in Nicaragua. The two internships have shaped me into who I am now"

St. Lucia is an English island in the Caribbean Sea. I worked for 5 months in a great all inclusive honeymoon resort, with mostly American guests. I have gained experience in various departments (F&B, FO, events, etc.) so I gained a good general idea of a hotel business.

During my second internship, I worked with a Dutch couple who run a non-profit hotel in Nicaragua. Despite it being one of the poorest countries in Latin America, it was a very impressive country with the nicest people! We worked in a small team (the hotel had only 16 rooms), so I had to be pretty flexible. I gave tours, I worked at the reception and made many analyses and assignments for the management couple. During this internship I perfected my Spanish.

This internship was the opposite of my first internship. The hotel was much smaller and therefore we had very nice contact with our guests. Guests came mainly from USA, Germany and the Netherlands and stayed at the hotel for the feel-good feeling that the hotel gives you. After all, all proceeds go to local education projects. In St Lucia I spoke almost only English, while in Nicaragua I spoke Spanish, English and Dutch.

Because both internships were so different, I have a wide experience. In addition, I realise now that tourism is more interesting than the hotel business. That is why I will follow a master in tourism next year. I could never made this conclusion without my two internships.
I learned a lot from the lectures in The Hague, but the two internships have shaped me into who I am now. Placement makes you independent, mature and provides important experience but also gives you great fun and a memorable time!"

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