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Laura Stoltz

Practical Placement, Front Office 
Soho House, Berlin

“Overall, the internship was everything I wanted and more!”

I did my front office internship at the SOHO House in Berlin. Working in front office means I first had to learn a lot in the first weeks, before I could actually start at the reception. After a week or so I felt comfortable and from that point I received more responsibilities.
The SOHO House in Berlin is not your regular hotel, it is divided into a hotel and a members club. The internship was very well organised as there was an introduction day for interns, and I received a lot of guidance from the hotel managers.

The six months working for the SOHO House in Berlin gave me the chance to develop my front office skillset. I got more skilled handling daily tasks; I learned how to handle guest complaints and I got more confident in my role in front office.
Overall the internship was everything I wanted and more; I talked to guests, doing check-ins and checkouts and helping guests with hotel related questions and problems. The hotel has a great atmosphere and the staff was so friendly, which was great.

Looking back, I can say that I had a great experience. I strongly recommend SOHO House in Berlin as the place to do your internship, if you want to develop your front office skills.

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